Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cake & Keepsakes

Cake --

Frank made me a cake Sunday. He knew I was craving chocolate.... and he knows how I get when I crave chocolate and have none to eat. We had a chocolate cake mix in the cupboard, but no powdered sugar for frosting. So Frank turned to the checkered board cookbook and found a recipe for a coconut pecan icing. The cake is delish! I have the best Sweetheart!

Here is a photo of the cake. The recipe for the icing didn't say to roast pecan halves and place on top. It made the cake taste even better. One day I hope to learn how to photograph food properly :-)

Frank Made Me A Cake

Frank said as he made the cake he thought of how I used to say "why use a cake mix when it is just as easy to make one from scratch". Cake mixes taste a lot better than they used to. I still bake a cake from scratch most of the time. Actually I don't bake like I used to... a cake and cookies were baked every week. Now... maybe once a month. How things change.

Keepsakes --

I was looking through my boxes and drawers of keepsakes today looking for my Beatle cards. I did not find them. I did resist the urge to read the letters Frank wrote me while he was in college and basic training. I did read the letters Grandma wrote me to wish me a happy birthday.

I came across a silver dollar that my Daddy gave me when I was five years old. The Liberty Silver Dollars were beautiful coins. My coin has seen a lot of wear and probably is not worth more than a dollar. I treasure it because my Daddy gave it to me.

Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar

Here is another coin that I keep... I guess because it is different. I found in my locker at school when I was in the ninth grade. I never did find out who put it there. (I could not get the white balance righ...ugh)



I also came across this ragged picture of Ben Casey (Vincent Edwards). How I loved that show. I don't remember how I got the picture.


Do you remember (Denny) 'Scott' Miller from Wagon Train. My eighth grade teacher dated him when he came to Albany Georgia for the local version of the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I did not meet him, but our teacher... being an English teacher... had us write to him. We all received post cards from him. I imagine he had a secretary that typed out the letters and he signed Scott.



I wish I had taken better care of these items. They went through a lot of moves and two children.

Maybe I'll find more memories when I look for the Beatle cards again :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The past is never dead, it is not even past. ~William Faulkner



  1. That cake looks so good. It reminds me of what mother called a German chocolate cake. I loved Ben Casey! Can't say that I remember Scott - isn't it fun to find a drawer/box full of old mementos. The coin from your dad is very special also. I enjoyed this post very much Zaroga.

  2. that cake looks wonderful!!! My hubby gets me stuff when he's a craving too:) Love your coins and photos:)

  3. Now you got me wanting a cake! My hubby is definitely not going to make me one so I guess I'll just have to get over it. Picutres are great. Look at the postage in that post card: 4 cents. Lots more now. Love the Liberty silver dollar. I have some somewhere.

  4. Hi Zaroga,
    Great looking cake and keepsakes! I know you are proud of your sweetheart for making a cake for you! Mine cooks but I don't think he cooks cakes.

  5. What interesting things you found. Keep looking for those cards and show us what else you find. The cake sure looks good!

  6. I was going to say the same thing about the cake...the cake looks like a German Chocolate Cake...makes me want one! How sweet of your hubby to indulge your craving and make it himself! You do have a good one! :)

    It always happens to me that when I go looking for something in particular, I get side-tracked finding lots of things I had "forgotten about". You have some great keepsakes! I hope you find your cards!


  7. How sweet for your honey to make you a cake. It looks delish! I loved looking at the pictures of your keepsakes. How interesting that your teacher dated that actor. It's fun to hear stories like these. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. Your husband makes the best looking cakes. I enjoyed seeing your treasures.

  9. I loved Ben Casey also!!!!!!

  10. Thursday morning: Zaroga, I was just thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better. If you get a chance, google the video by Ricky Skaggs called "Somebody's Praying"


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