Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're Slowly Getting Better

Vinca / Periwinkle

Just thought I would let y'all know that I'm still alive. Our head colds are still hanging on. We are slowly getting better. If the cough would just go away. Frank went out and bought some Mucinex Dm and hopefully that will help. I have spent most of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights and all of last night in my recliner. We are taking it as easy as we can.

I hope to read some of your blogs this afternoon.



  1. Oh man Zaroga, I hope you get to feeling better soon. My hubby got some kind of flu the other day and it's hanging on as well. I just hope I don't get it too.

  2. I pray you are on the mend, take care my friend (and your hubby too:)

  3. Hi,

    Ooooh. I hate being sick! I remember when I had Mono. Dad still took me to Chuck E. Cheese's, Mcdonalds, and to see Iron Man at the movie(where I fell asleep). Anyway, hope it gets better!

    Love, Joy =D

  4. So sorry you both are feeling bad. I don't know what we would do without recliners; sometimes that is just all we can tolerate to get some rest in. Blessings to you both - feel better quickly.

  5. Oh, I live on Musinex DM, the generic, of course, LOL! Dollar general has a good price and if you have a Big Lots they often have it with a Great price. If you take zinc you will get your strength back faster, (I can't help it I worked at Wal-Mart Pharmacy 12 years) I also pray the two of you will get back to normal! Have you ever tried Hot Peppermint tea? You might enjoy that, too.

  6. Thanks for your visits and your friendship Zaroga. We appreciate your prayers very much. I keep you both in my prayers also. So very grateful to have "met" you.


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