Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rough Week - Good News - Irises - Glitter

Rough Week-

Sorry I haven't been around, but it was a rough week.

Tuesday morning Frank had an appointment with a doctor. He will be facing surgery early next year. He has a tumor, (growth, lesions, calcium deposits are a few other terms used) in his pancreas. The doctor is pretty sure that it is non-cancerous. Part of the pancreas has atrophied. That would only happen over a long period of time. Of course the only way to know for absolutely sure that there is no cancer is to have the growth removed. This growth was discovered in having to test to undergo a different surgery, Nissen fundoplication, for GERDS... acid reflux. Frank will probably have both surgeries at the same time.

Tuesday evening my Mama had back surgery. She had to be at the hospital at 1:30 pm. We arrived at about that time to be with her. Mama did not get taken back to pre-0p until 5 pm. She went into surgery at about 5:45. Frank took me home at 5 pm. It was a long day and Mama came through just fine. She too had some trouble with nausea and vomiting... fortunately while she was still in the hospital. She came home Friday afternoon from the hospital. She is doing okay... still feeling queasy at times, but no more vomitin. She sees her surgeon on Thursday.

We then had a front come through that made my pain sky-rocket. We had over 6 inches of rain here. There is some local flooding, but none near us. Another front is approaching... I'm coping, but really need more sleep.

Good News -

Brian, our daughter's boyfriend got a job. I'm still praying that Sonja and others get the jobs they need.

Irises -

It is 78° this afternoon.... a warm day for December.

The irises have gone crazy and are blooming. They have aphids. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of aphids?

Glitter -

I got the Christmas cards started this morning. I didn't realize they had glitter on them... Of course I wound up with glitter all over my face and arms. Maybe tomorrow or the next day they will get finished.

We got a Christmas card in the mail today from my brother, Zoral and his wife. It was covered in green glitter. Of course I got glitter all over me. Then Frank read it before going out recliner shopping. Of course glitter got all over him. I got most of it off of his face before he left. He said it was the trend in makeup to wear glitter :-)

I am way behind in my reading of blogs and looking at my friend's photos over at Flickr. I'll get to it all soon... I promise.

One can enjoy a wood fire worthily only when he warms his thoughts by it as well as his hands and feet. -- Odell Shepherd


  1. Those irises are beautiful!!! It's been warm here, too with lots of rain but nothing blooming out of season - yet! Sorry to hear Frank is anticipating this surgery. He will be out of the dishwahing for quite a while. Hope all goes well for both of you.

  2. Hi Zaroga!

    Boy, you have been through a lot lately as has everyone else. Time for calmness. :) I will pray for you and your family. Your irises are gorgeous!! I'm jealous that it is 78 degrees there. That is really funny about all that glitter. I chuckled only because I've been there!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi:)

    I hope your mom continues to recoop from surgery well. And that you get some much needed rest.

    God bless,
    Linda C

  4. Zaroga, you have had a rough week and sorry but the brownies are gone!! They were good too!! smile!!
    I am so sorry about your hubby...seems like when health fails then it just keeps doing it!! keep us updated on him..when you can of course!!
    Merry Christmas....

  5. Wow you have Ires bloom in Dec. I will have to look at your profile again to see what area you live. I will say a prayer for you both as he has a safe surgery. I am so glad your mom is doing ok. I hope your pain goes away.
    Big hug Grammy

  6. I see you are having a rough patch like us, I guess we'll make it through and pray I new year will be much better! I will pray for frank, I Know the acid reflux... I take 3 pills a day, that's part of what causes my coughing spells. God Bless!


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