Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doctor -- Walking -- Other Stuff


Doctor --

Yesterday was my visit with the surgeon who did my back surgery. First thing was wait for a few minutes in the waiting room. Then a few more minutes in an exam room before being taken to get x-rays. Then back to the exam room to wait more minutes to see the doctor. The doctor said everything looked good on the x-rays. I saw the x-rays and the screws in my back look at least eight inches long! Looking at them I'm thinking: those things are really in me... I hope they never come loose... no wonder I hurt so bad. The pain is gradually getting less and less.

I'm still restricted on things I can do. I can do more but avoid things such as these....






This lady's fun is restricted :-( I know... you think I've never ever done any of those things. I've done them all but the bowling... I don't think I could bowl the way the girl in the picture is doing : The closest I've come to bowling is at the AARP GAME site playing Disco Bowling. I'm a lousy Disco bowler... my high score -- 158.

I used to be very athletic. I played volley ball and soft ball.... on up into my late 30s. That is when I started to fall apart :-) My back problem started when was I was about 10 years old, so I was fortunate that it didn't get worse until I was in my late 30s.

Hopefully I will be at least up to walking a 3 mile mile hike when I'm healed from this surgery. I go back to the surgeon in six weeks.


Walking --

My walking is improving and my gait is almost back to normal. Frank is so glad of that... he says it is hard to walk with me when I'm a slow-poke. He used to say he had to jog to keep up with my walk. Maybe I'll get back to there. Right now it takes me about 25 minutes to walk the mile walk. I used to walk it in 15 minutes.

Today I walked alone. Frank was off with his Dad... his Dad just wanted someone to ride with him. My walk was good and I tried my best to shave off minutes from the walk... 23 minutes, so I didn't shave much off.

After my walk I had coffee and the last piece of carrot cake. Should I have eaten the cake before I walked... mmm.. maybe I could have cut another minute off the walk with a bit of sugar in my system :-)


I've tried to redo my blog background. I came across Dawn's Quilting Clip Art . Take a look and you will see the most beautiful quilt clip art blocks. The bird above is the Bluejay pattern and this one is called Music Maker.


She has so many quilt square clips that you will want to download them all and find a project to use them in. When you are through looking at the quilt clip art visit her quilt page. Dawn is a very talented quilter.

I have made quilted hangings, pillows and tie quilts. I never got into the piece quilting. I do admire those that do this fabulous art.


Frank has been going through the file cabinet. That chore has not been done since before we moved into this house in 1991. The file cabinet holds papers that go with tools and household furnishings among other things. Some of the tools, air conditioners, stereo equipment , and furniture have long been gone and no need to keep the paper work.


Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. -- Carol Welch


  1. Well it sounds like your health is slowly returning..You never know how wonderful it is to have good health until you lose it!! Funny it is that way!!
    We are in Tennessee tonight and should be home sometime tomorrow. it is going to be a long day..today was 400 miles driving from Illinois. We had a good time but it is time to go home!!

  2. Glad you are improving. The photos in your post make me laugh - I've never looked like any of those - the lady swinging on the fence gate looks especially "care free" doesn't she??!!

  3. Your blog's new look is great! You did a very good job. I've tried to dress mine up a little but have had not success. The quilt squares are very pretty. Do you sew/quilt? Hope you have a great week. Sharon

  4. Just stopped by to give you a big hug. And wish you and your family a Happy New Year. Glad to here you are walking too. I pray the pain will go away soon.

  5. Zaroga,

    I'm so glad things are progressing nicely with your back. Just think, you are half bionic. HA! Okay, I was only just trying to empower you. I love your little pin ups!


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