Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great Grandma Banana Pudding Recipe

My great-grandma was born Clora Aurora Porter in 24 December 1872. She married John Wesley Hogan 04 April 1888. They were the parents of eleven daughters... all but one made it to adulthood. Grandma Hogan died 30 June 1946.

G-Grandma Hogan in her younger days

 Here is G-Grandma Hogan and G-Granddaddy Hogan on their 50th wedding anniversary.

I did not think about taking a photo until the pudding was almost all eaten.  So it isn't as pretty like it was when first made.

I do not know what the origin is of this recipe. Bananas came to the USA in the late 1800s.  Southern ladies often made trifles with them by layering the bananas with lady fingers or sponge cake and pudding.  In the early 1900s Nabisco started putting a banana pudding recipe on their box. 

This recipe is sweeter and richer tasting than Nilla Wafer's recipe and it is made with water.  Yep, you read correctly water.  Milk can be substituted, but I personally think it taste better made with water.   I may have changed something in the recipe, if so it probably was the addition of vanilla.  I'm not sure where my original copy is hiding.

Here is the recipe: Great Grandma Hogan's 'Naner Pudding.



  1. I love your old photos. Banana pudding was a favorite of daddy's and MINE, too!!!

  2. Your old photo's are so nice and I sit here drooling over that banana recipe.I have been making lots of banana cakes when all my children were at home but these days I have to eat them all bij myself and my clothes do shrink I believe. But bananapudding is something else, what a great recipe. I will definitely make one soon because we always have very ripe bananas.
    Thank you.


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