Friday, October 12, 2012


A slight bit of color has arrived around us in SW Georgia.  The grapevines are turning.  Some of the leaves from the dogwood trees have turned brown and fallen.. the same with the pecan trees.  The birds are few in numbers right now.  Even though the House Finches are here year-round I think some migrate.  In a few weeks the chipping sparrows will arrive and before you know it spring will be here and a family will occupy this box or another one.. this one looks a bit need of repair or replacing. (when clicked on the photos will open in a new window in Flickr to a slightly larger photo)

Oh my.... this is all the decorating I'm doing for Autumn.  She is all ready to give you a Welcome Hug.


Traveling is in the air for me when the weather becomes cooler.  We do not camp in a tent any more.  We hook up the travel trailer to the truck and go. I'm so ready to travel... even if it is nearby. 


  1. I love your wreath! Hope you have a nice trip! Enjoy the autumn weather.

  2. Hi Z!
    love the bird house in the grapevine!
    pictures are now posted..
    check my blog!
    love and hugs!


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