Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Texture

Linda of LIVING IN THE EASTERN WOODLANDS chose the subject of Textures for this week's challenge.

The first two photos were taken from my archives. The stones were taken with my Sony P-200 pocket camera. The feathers were taken with my Sony f717 slr camera.

The rest of the photos were taken this week with my Sony f717! That means my arm/shoulder is now strong enough to help hold this camera... only for short times. Maybe by the end of the month I will be back up to the Sony A700 dslr.

I know I could have used a tri-pod, but with my arm/shoulder being weak it would take a good deal of effort to set one up and as sweet and loving as Frank is I did not wish to ask him for help... he does so much already. Besides lifting the camera is probably good for my arm/shoulder :-)

Frank did help me with this shoot. He found me lots of texture! A few of them I didn't do well with the camera, so they got cut. I did leave the dead bug in even though I'm not that pleased with it :-)

A collection of STONES that belong to Frank's parents. We have our own collection now, but I forgot about them until this morning.... so I went into the archives. After tumbling they have a smooth, glossy texture.
Assorted Gems

A couple of Northern Cardinal Feathers.... soft and fluffy.
Northern Cardinal Feathers

The rough texture of the back of a Window Air Conditioner.
Back of a Window Air Conditioner

The new leaf of an Elephant Ear Plant. The top part was just uncurling and the bottom part had uncurled. The texture and color is different from each other.
Elephant Ear Plant Leaf

The Trunk of a Pecan Tree that is well over a hundred years old. The texture has such character. I wish I could have climbed a ladder to get a different angle, but that wasn't going to happen that day. Maybe in the future I will be able to climb a ladder and get what I really wanted to take a photo of.
Pecan Tree Trunk

A Canvas Cover that covers the burn barrel when not in use.
Canvas Cover


A Rusty Vise. I love the look of old and rusty items.
Rusty Vise

Rough Sand Paper
Sand Paper

Paint Brush.. I like the wood texture also.
Paint Brush

Here is the poor dead Cicada. I just could not get this picture to happen the way I pictured it in my mind :-( _ If I didn't get it too light for your monitor you should be able to see some ridges within the wings.
Cicada Wings

This one did not come out the way I wished either. A Monkey Hologram. He is cute anyway :-)
Monkey Hologram

A Teddy Bear I made many years ago. He is soft.... umm and dusty.
Teddy Bear

Our Silky Flag with Embroidered Star.
Silky, Embroidered Flag

If you would like to join in go to Friday My Town Shoot Out for more information and a list of participants.



  1. wow - your photos are incredibly detailed. wonderful - my favorites are the stones and the Cicada wings.

  2. Great variety today Zaroga and so glad your shoulder is improving.

  3. Super photos Zaroga...We don't have pecan trees up here in the north country, but I would love to have some just for the fresh pecans.

  4. This theme is turning out some great shots! Nice job.

  5. The cicada worked out: it did it did. Your photos knock my socks off. I am glad you're feeling up to it; all of this creativity and forethought takes energy.

  6. I spent a lot of time blowing up these pictures and looking at them...I'm in awe about how you took such a variety of different subjects but executed the pictures so the texture of each stands out so well. It really hangs together. I loved this one alot.

  7. I love all your pictures. Yea! Your arm is getting better! Praise be!
    Happy weekend!

  8. Zaroga - you are a champion! These pictures are truly amazing. I love the cicada, despite your feeling it wasn't exactly what you wanted to achieve. I would pay for that in a gallery, so I am thinking you nailed it! Each picture is so incredible - kudos to you!

  9. Great Post!! I loved the tumbled stones, the cute furry teddy bear and the pecan tree is cool as well. ;D

  10. These are all so cool and varied! I liked the wings best - mostly because I wouldn't have occassion to look at them normally.

  11. Love the sandpaper, wheat, bug, rocks - my favorites. Nice teddy bear, too. Tree is awesome, and I even like the air conditioner. The angle you shot it at makes it stand out.

    Thanks again for joining us. It is nice to have some Georgia bloggers participate.

  12. Really enjoyed them all ....especially the tree.

  13. You've done an excellent job with this theme, Zaroga. Texture needs detail to make it outstanding and you've captured the detail extremely well. Especially the delicate cicada wings.

  14. Wow, Zaroga, the cicada shot was nicely done! I also liked the leaf and the air conditioner. Very unique!

  15. I love the canvas shot and the paint brush ones. They have a great feel to them.

  16. Stunning shots, all of them. I love the rusty vise, and the wings, and...heck I love them all!


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