Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Reflections

Audrey of Stage 3! Who, me? chose the subject of Reflections for this week's challenge.

I pulled photos from my archives.

Water is the first thing that came to mind for me with the subject matter. I have enjoyed gazing into a lake and admiring Reflections.

Reflections of Wood Storks

Reflections of Trees
Trees Reflections

How I love the Reflections of Clouds
Beautiful Sunrise 3

Then simply the Reflections of Light
Sunset and Jet Skis

Morning Geese

Reflections of light happen other places too. Reflections of Light dance upon the Rust.

D. M. Dismuke Co.

Then there are Reflections in Mirrors. I did take this shot today. Nothing great, but I did manage to take a photo :-) This is our truck mirrors. Two mirrors... an inset mirror on the regular truck side mirror.

Then there are Reflections of Thoughts. My Reflections went back to my old walking partner, Annabelle. She passed through the gates of heaven in January of 2007. She was a sweetie that will forever remain in our hearts.

This picture was taken about a month before her death. She looked so tired.

Annabelle (bad day)

My Reflections go to happier times when Annabelle had energy to play.

What a soccer game!

When Annabelle had Reflections... of she only knows.

Let's go for a walk, Poppa

Long ago I wrote a few stories down about her. I called them Annabelle Tales. I never finished her story... not sure I ever will. Go to Annabelle Tales if you would like to read about Annabelle.

You might like to read my blog Reflections about my Grandpa Swain and Grandma Swain.

If you would like to join in go to Friday My Town Shoot Out for more information and a list of participants.

Thank you for looking :-)


  1. beautiful photos! I enjoyed looking at them!

  2. the reflection of clouds is (in my opinion) the best. and Annebelle - I don't see tired I see love in those eyes.

  3. Love these photos - thank you for stopping by my place - that cat's paw is from my mom's cat in Texas - they have an extra 'toe' !

    Annabelle is beautiful. Right now I am missing my old girl Kayla - oh, she was my best dog ever!

  4. Hi Zaroga, Lovely pictures - especially the trees reflection. Annabelle had such a loving, sweet face. What a great companion she must have been. Hope you have a great Friday.

  5. Wonderful reflections!!! WOW on the clouds!!

  6. Hey Zaroga!

    I really enjoyed your reflections photos. All were so beautiful. Of course you know what I loved the most? Annabelle. I loved her photos and I immediately went to read her stories. The Annabelle Tales pornography joke story was hilarious!! She is such a cutie...I'm so glad you kept her and gave her a wonderful life . :)



  7. I love the trees and the cloud reflections, just beautiful. I always love coming here.

  8. The cloud photo was WONDERFUL!!

  9. really enjoyed your photos - love water, couldn't live without being that far from it.

  10. Your pictures were wonderful - all of them, but I especially liked the clouds and Annabelle. Really nice pictures, all of them.

  11. I came back for a second look :)

  12. What a great reflection of clouds. beautiful! have a blessed day.

  13. I'm always a sucker for dog tales. I also really like the wood storks; they remind me of a bunch of old codgers hanging out in the park.

  14. I love this post, and I really love the "reflections of thoughts". I'm sure you miss her terribly. I know I would miss our Sadie.

  15. Wow. Very beautiful photos here! The mist & pink light on the water is stunning!

  16. The cloud shot is magnificent!

  17. Zaroga, the reflections of clouds shot is really striking. Nice job!

  18. I never tire of looking at the pictures you post.
    mountain Mama

  19. This is another set of perfect photos of reflection. It really amazed me. Thanks for sharing your perfect photos.

    Can I grab my favorite photo? I planned to post a collection of this week's photo shoot out them. I will credit your site of course. If it's okay with you.

  20. That cloud shot literally made me gasp! Such majestic beauty...

  21. stunning shots of reflection! sorry about Annabelle. My dog has been gone for 8 months. she is missed.......

  22. Beautiful photos...I love the storks

  23. The cloud reflection was my favorite. All were great, though.
    I also enjoyed reading about your ancestors. I smiled as I read because it reminded me of mine. When my grandma Allen greeted me with a hug and kiss, I always had to wipe the snuff from my cheek. She was from Georgia, too. I have deep family roots in that state.


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