Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Celebrate Life!

Doreen of Little Pockets of Happiness chose the theme Celebrate Life! for this week's challenge.

One definition of celebrate: to mark a happy occasion by engaging in some pleasurable activity.

It gives me great pleasure to take photos of things that give me pleasure to look at :-)

I love bright colors and butterflies. My heart jumps when I see a beautiful butterfly... not just because I want a photo, but because it is beautiful and brings beauty to my heart and soul.
Spicebush  Swallowtail (Papilio troilus) - Explore 10 October 2006 #99

I dont' say often "yuck a bug!" because I find beauty in them too. This assassin bug is very colorful upon the azalea petal with lot of pollen abounding... I celebrated its beauty too.
Milkweed Assassin Bug (Zelus longipes)

I like the subtle color of a small Orchard Spider. I watch the miracle of it spinning its web and I celebrate.
Orchard Spider "Leucauge venusta"

Frank gave me a gift this week.. no special occasion. A gift that he knows will bring me great pleasure. A step-up ring so I can use the filters for my Sony f717 camera with my Sony A700 camera. I celebrate Our Love.
(this is the only photo I took this week for the shoot-out, the rest of the photos are from my archives)
Step-Up Stepping Ring

I celebrate food. Baked sweet potatoes are so nutritious and taste so yummy! (don't you wish you could capture the odors of some things)
Baked Sweet Potatoes

The color of a tomato. I love tomatoes! My Mama says that I should be about made of them because I've eaten so many. I celebrate my taste for them and the beauty they are for the eyes.
Luscious Tomatoes

I have a sweet tooth. So I celebrate a time I made a Pecan Carrot Cake.
Yummy Carrot Cake

Who can help but celebrate the birth of an animal be it bird...

Carolina Chickadee
Carolina Chickadee Chicks

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal Babies

or Calf and Pigs
White Calf And Pigs

I celebrated when I saw a Dad playing with his baby girl....
Dad & Baby

I celebrated when a dog gave a toddler a sweet kiss behind the ear.

I celebrate Family even when it is a hot August day and it is 113° outside and not much cooler inside the church social hall. Amazing how fast family can eat and visit when it is hot.

Tomorrow I will celebrate our countries birth at home quietly thinking about the great things about our country.

If you would like to join in go to Friday My Town Shoot Out for more information and a list of participants.



  1. What beautiful photography Zaroga. You are a great addition to Friday Shoot Outs and these pictures ar certainly all about celebrating life. Thanks for sharing your talent and may you and Frank have a nice weekend.
    Nalley is probably going to have hip replacement surgery so I will not be posting as often but will certainly check in with you. Take care.

  2. WOW! Great pictures! I share your love of bugs and butterflies - nature is so appealing to me! And for those of us who have been blessed with loving families, nothing can stop the celebration that arises from a get-together! I also love the pictures of animal/child affection. Very, very cool photos.

  3. very nice - sweet! your photos are FANTASTIC. the spider seemingly suspended because the web can not be seen is the best.

  4. Great pictures Zaroga. I love the bugs and butterflies. And the dad playing with his child. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those are some amazing photos, and the cake looks delicious. I hope you enjoy your new present for your camera this week!

  6. I agree, make it a great day, everyday! You always do have the most amazing them all, and thanks for sharing!

  7. what a lovely post! I join you in your celebrating:)

  8. What photos! I celebrate your photos!! (Hope that makes sense to you)

  9. What a fabulous post! You really did a wonderful job on journaling! Your photos are all amazing!
    You inspired my post for today, I do wish the smells would come through, too, That's why I love the herbs and have them where I see them when I come home!
    I thought about joining you in the Shoot out, I am just not a good Blog visitor like you are! I spend so much time making pages and posting them that I feel guilty!

  10. I love all your photos Zaroga. But the Calf and pigs are adorable. I love to see things like this. It just warmes my heart. Thanks, big hug.Happy 4th.

  11. Incredible photography. Amazing color and I love all the subject matter (including the bugs ;)

  12. Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous capture of the spider!! Happy 4th to you and Frank!

  13. Wow! I love love love the spider/insect photos: just gorgeous. And also the baby birds. Very special pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Oh my Zaroga, your photos are awesome!!!!! I have never seen a baby cardinal before...and they are my state bird. I hope you and Frank are enjoying the 4th.

  15. What awesome pictures of your "Celebrating Life"! I loved them all :)

  16. What a great post!!! The butterfly photo knocks me out!
    It's obvious that you are a lover of life, all life, and a fantastic photographer!

  17. The food is almost as delicious as the pictures of the children. I loved the picture of the dad and his babe playing. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Fourth!

  18. Awesome photos! I especially like the first one of the butterfly :)

  19. U're a real artist! every shot here is very beautiful and mind-engaging through your lens! U have captured "Life is very precious" in every one of them... Awesome and inspiring!

  20. fantastic series of Celebrating Life! I think my favs are the baby birds and the calf and piglets. It has been so much fun to see everyone's take on this theme. Awesome post!!

  21. Really wonderful post Zaroga! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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