Thursday, October 16, 2008

AN AUTUMN STORY --- by Sonja Goff

This is a story that our daughter wrote when she was about 13 years old or so... I've always loved it. Our daughter has a great imagination.

© Sonja Goff

I felt so good as I ran out into the crisp autumn air. The trees were dressed in bright colors of the season: reds, oranges, yellows and gold, and the last of the greens. The ground was covered with brown, dead leaves. They crinkled as I ran over them. I couldn't help but to regress to my younger days and roll around in a pile of leaves in the yard.

The leaves filled my lungs with a musty odor and memories of years gone by. I could remember children running through the yard and throwing leaves at each other. Once in a while one of the children would try to stuff leaves in Bob's sweater while he was still wearing it.

Later on in the autumn, families would make scarecrows for the upcoming year and prepare to harvest the pumpkin patches. I always enjoyed the pumpkin harvests. It was exciting to see all the orange spheres sitting in blankets of green leaves. It always surprised me that so many shapes could come from one field. Some of the pumpkins were round, some oblong, and some were even egg-shaped. The sizes of the pumpkins varied from tiny to tremendous.

It was also exciting to see the children make jack-0'-lanterns. I used to love to smell freshly cut pumpkin and chew on roasted seeds.

Jack-o'-lanterns meant that Halloween was here and Halloween meant candy. I used to steal some of the children's candy. The kids used to yell at me for taking it, but it tasted so good!

"Laddie, come here boy!" Bob yelled. I trottled up to the door and licked his hand. "You ready to come in, you old dog?" I just wagged my tail and wished I could stay outside and reminisce a bit longer.


  1. Quite a story for a 13 year old. My daughter is a writer also. You must have an imagination for that. I sure didn't know elephant ears bloom---learned something from you. Thanks for visiting me. I'll be visiting you, too!

  2. Hello, I love your name. The pic on your header is sooo beautiful. Did you take it. I love to grow flowers also and a few veggies too. I am gonna go and look at your recipe blog now. My hubby is a born and raised Alabam boy so he likes his southern food. I also have a BIL and a SIL who live in Georgia. Are you a bulldog fan? I better go see what ideas you have for supper because I have company coming and we still like to eat and I want to treat her good and be a good hostess.

  3. Thank you, Sue. I really love your blog.

    Thank you, Shanda. One day I'll either make a post or put a little ditty on the side of the blog about my name... so stay tuned.

    Yes, I took the picture of the lady bug on the garden mum. I had the mums for several years and last year aphids destroyed the plants (not enough lady bugs to eat the aphids). This year I can't find mums this color or with big blooms.

    My husband was born in Alabama and spent the first few years of his life in Elamville Albama. If you blink your eyes you will miss the community :-)

    I used to be a bulldog fan, but haven't watched football in a long time. I'm the sports fan and my husband isn't :-)

    Let me know if you like or dislike any of the recipes you try.


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