Friday, September 14, 2012

Around The Yard

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately.  I thought I  might try my hand at it.... get a bit of practice. Clicking on these photos will open them in a new window on Flickr and will give you a slightly larger view of the pictures.

I love cloud watching.  I liked how the clouds swirled.   It did not rain.. just a few clouds around. 

Those are the gourds we put up years ago for purple martins. The purple martins scouted, but chose not to nest.  A pair of Great-Crested Flycatchers have nested in the gourds every year.  They poke nesting material in each gourd in hopes that you won't figure out which nest their babies are in.  The nests usually contain a snake skin.  The parents are very mindful of humans and will usually fly into the trees if a human is seen. They nest in April and leave sometime in August.  I do not know where they migrate to and from.

Partly Cloudy Skies

A Ruby-Throated Hummingbird visiting the feeder.  The feeder is in the shade most of the day.  It is difficult to get a good picture of one.  I think this one turned out okay.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

I encourage you to visit my friend Dorothy's blog Counting My Blessings and watch her video of the hummingbirds feeding right out of her hand.  Just amazing!

We only have the one family of hummingbirds and they usually have two babies.  This is the time of the year they go into a feeding frenzy.  I wish we had as many as Dorothy.

This Northern Cardinal seems to be saying "do you mind?".  I was in the house with the windows closed and my really long lens on my camera aimed through the dirty windows.  Birds have the most amazing hearing... they hear every click of the camera.  They have great vision too.

Northern Cardinal

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots.  I enjoyed taking them :-)



  1. Good Morning, Zaroga. I did enjoy your pictures. Aren't the clouds pretty? That's a great photo of the hummer with the reflection in the water. The cardinal does look like she is a bit miffed with you taking the picture!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your day.

  2. Very good pictures, Zaroga!!! Your hummer is a beauty, too. (Thanks for the link to my blog!) We have a lot more this year than the previous years. Just keep plenty of nectar out for them and the word will get around! Our Cardinals are molting and look just pitiful!

  3. Beautiful photos Zaroga, I need to get back into nature again. I have hibernated from the heat all summer. I have never done that before. But we never had a drought or such high heat. Thank you for all of your comments too. You help me so much. Hugs.

  4. Great photos Zaroga, I'm going to check out the link and your recipe looks yummy, I'm going to print it out.


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