Thursday, June 21, 2012

Foot Surgery

I was not going to write this post, but since some of my friends have been asking how I am I decided this might be the best way to tell them.

On the 24th of April I had foot surgery.  I had two neuromas removed.  A neuroma is basically a growth around a nerve.  It sure it painful.  The pain started at the end of last November.  Of course I went through all the conservative treatment first.. except NSAIDS, which I cannot take because of my sensitive stomach.

This is how my foot looked when I came home from surgery.

... and without shoe

I got the stitches removed on 7 May and this is 3 days after the stitches were removed.

This one is about 3 weeks post-surgery.

This is 6 weeks post-surgery.  You can see I now have swelling around my ankle.  When you cannot put weight comfortably on the ball of your foot you walk differently and put stress upon other parts of your body... ankle, knee, hip and back.

This is 8 weeks post-surgery.  

A closer view compared to my other foot.  Yes, I know I need a pedicure and I have a lot of lotion on my toes in crevices and under nails.  The top of my foot is still red. There is still dark bruising under my next to pinky toe. My foot is still swollen.

The doctor said that I will heal slowly because I cannot take an ant-inflammatory.  I may have weeks or months to go before I am completely healed.  I am hoping not.  I miss my walks.  Right now I am only allowed short, slow walks.  I went to WalMart with Frank a couple of days ago and I stood on the Dr. Scholl's machine and then picked out a pair of insoles.  The insoles cost close to $50. I have done my short, slow walks with them and they do help.

I always appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. 


  1. Wow, that does look painful. I'll keep you in my prayers and that your foot continues to heal.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I appreciate your prayers.

  2. Oh Z~
    I had no idea your surgeon removed TWO neuromas!
    and yes.. you certainly had a lot more bruising than i did!
    but you have come a long way..made a lot of positive progress!!
    unlike you, I could and did take the arthritis med is the same.. so it did me doubly good!
    i still cannot wear sneakers at all..
    I can wear dress heels for a very short time as long as i am not standing or walking A LOT! i have a very comfy pair of Clarkes wedge sandals that are my summer an older pair of comfy SAS sandals that I inherited from my sis years ago. i can feel the need for another injection before departing Colorado for good. fortunately, i do have excellent physicians in Florida to pick up where my dr here leaves off. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers..we've experienced the same pain and can truly sympathize!

    1. Loui... thankfully only one incision. I can wear my sneakers a short time. A bit before surgery I bought a new pair a half size bigger and wide width. I wear thick socks or my heels will slip. The Dr. Scholl's inserts really do help. I feel like I've made a little progress with just that :-) I cannot wear my slides or my other pair of sandals :-(

      I'm glad you will have excellent physicians in Florida. We have to take care of our feet :-)

      I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers too.
      Zaroga ♥

  3. Ouch. Poor foot. Have Mr. Man pull you around in a wagon, or wheel barrow.:) Hope it heals super fast for you.


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