Saturday, March 10, 2012

Travel Pillow Sham

Several months ago I made a couple of shams for my travel pillows.  One is for travel and the other stays with me every night.

I drew up a plan...

Travel Pillow Sham... The Plan

Next time I will probably study my sewing machine a bit more and make the seam allowance a bit smaller.  I might even get creative and quilt one.

This is the front of the sham..

Travel Pillow Sham Front

This is the back...

Travel Pillow Sham Back

This is the reason the pillow is so flat..

Travel Pillow being used

I found out years ago after I had knee surgery that a pillow kept the pressure off my bad knee and my bad back. I place the pillow between my knees and ankles.  I can turn over with it easily.  I seldom sleep on my back.

 I really should put my pillow in the dryer for a fluff.

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  1. Hi Z~
    thanks for stopping by..
    am still laughing..
    currently finishing my 3rd and last cup of the morning.. love lazy Sunday mornings..especially sleeping in, then lingering over the paper and coffee!!
    Now about the pesky lady bugs..
    When I lived back east in Alabama,we too had the lady bug invasion every year.. I have not a clue either, but it seemed that had become quite a common occurrence!
    i simply vacumed them away!
    My system had wall outlets in every room, a 32 ft suction cord with the metal part which could reach the high ceilings! those little buggers leave spots on everything in their wake..
    and as much as i love photographing them in the wild, they were detested pests indoors!! Have you called the pest control folks? I'm curious as to what they have to say!
    warmest hugs..
    ps.. can you disable the word verification thingy,, it really is a pain in the patooty!


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