Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Is Nearing

This year has been a little weird... at times it has flown by and others it has dragged.

Here we are nearing Christmas again!

I'm still reading. I'm on the fourth book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I'm still playing games at Face Book... how addictive!   I renewed some friendships from high school through Face Book and that has been an unexpected surprise.

I'm relatively well. I've had sinus problems that created voice problems. My voice is coming back so soon I will be back to my normal.. crazy self.  Frank is doing well.  He has been readying things to remodel one of our bedrooms that will become our office.  He hasn't worked  his muscles this much in a while :-)

We do have family that are sick and prayers for them would be welcome.  So many I can't write them all out.  Some with viruses and some suffering from the pains of aging.

A few weeks ago we went down to my folk's homestead down in Baker County GA. I chased butterflies... unfortunately they perched almost too high in the tree for a decent picture. I love seeing them anyway and hope you do too.

Common Buckeye "Junonia coenia"



  1. Beautiful Buckeye Butterflies! I saw my first one this year. Very pretty.

  2. My prayer are with you and you family. Thank you for your kind words on FB. It sounds like fun chasing butterfly's,

  3. Beautiful picture as usual! Sorry you have sick family members. Praying that they recover soon.

  4. Haven't been around in a while so I had not seen your new look on your blog. It looks great!!!. You are right; the years are going faster and faster the older I get. But I'll be glad when Christmas is over. For me, it is a very sad time of the year. Ready to move on toward spring and flowers and sunshine and warmth and more traveling! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and you and Frank stay well through the cold weather.

  5. I haven't been around for a while either, and also like the new look!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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