Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here!

I finally did a little fall decorating :-) I'm not much of a decorator... but my blog looks a bit fallish now.

We have been so busy since returning from our trip. Lots of laundry. Lots of errands. Cleaning up the fallen tree mess. Frank will finish the repair of the fence today.

Yesterday I potted some mums and dead-headed flowers. This morning I will weed some. The weather has been really nice here.

I'm still looking for neighbors at Farm Town on Facebook if anyone is interested let me know. Since I'm not taking many photos right now... Farm Town is my hobby :-) Soon I will be back to taking pictures, I promise.

So lots going on here, but nothing to really blog about :-D



  1. I love your new look. I haven't gotten into that yet. I'm afraid it would be taking up too much of my time.

  2. Your blog looks great Zaroga. We have been in the yard today with a young, strong helper. We have 2 trees down and lots of limbs from the recent heavy rains.

  3. That's a lovely header, Zaroga. Just have to smile when you see it! Glad you didn't get caught in all that flooding on your trip away!

  4. Yes you do look Fallish! I keep thinking the same thing but have not decided to change yet. You did have a poor time to travel, we just aren't used to this much rain are we? I will pray for your daughter, too!

  5. This comment box is so different from Lisa,, I hope this works and I can post this.
    Love this page. It's so full of great stuff!!

  6. Like the new look Zaroga! Perfect for Fall!

  7. I love the look of your blog! Oh and what are dead-headed flowers? Okay...I am already addicted to Farmville...whaaaa...not Farmtown. If you were on Farmville I'd want you to be my neighbor. As it is...I'm on Farmville, Fish World and Happy Aquarium. Pretty soon I won't be able to work my normal job because I'd have to stay home and harvest and feed my virtual fish. Lol!

  8. Love your falling leaves.

    It is a drag when you return from a vacation. You need another vacation to relax after all the unpacking and cleaning.

  9. Have a great resting night!

  10. You MUST be my Farmtown neighbor!! (my NEW bad habit)
    Just a little tidying is the best therapy isn't it? So glad you two were able to travel. Welcome home:)

  11. Nice Fall look.
    I just read about your camping trip. Sorry about the weather. When our children were young we did lots of camping, we too experienced days with torrential rain. Funny thing is that I look back at those days as fun and 'romantic'.
    Prayers for your daughter and a job.

  12. Your door decoration look great and so does your blog! Thanks for dropping by my place the other day. Sounds like you guys were greeted with a little weather related damage when you got home from your trip. We didn't have damage but water in the basement and lots of leaves and small limbs on the ground. It's all cleaned up now but the rain continues. Have a great weekend.


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